"I would not like Freud to explore this series, it comes from I don’t know when, from I don’t know which childhood.
Fatal attraction, it’s always the same, I get closer to the underworld, and there goes out a work condemned to the enjoyment of the odious “intellectual elite ".
Middle Ages and future, underworld, decorations, mechanics, damned modernism, it caught me  in the same way as  flamenco catches a bagpipe.
I guess that from the original what impacted me was its bravery, its freshness, the authentic modernism and Fritz Lang’s trip to avant-garde (future and past), or even better his Thea’s trip.  His German expressionism, tattooed on my retina, and an amalgam between this obsession and the natural evolution of my work.
Black, certainly indispensable, the graphite is for the underworld, and the result, an anger to which I do not find explanation, but that captivates me, because it slips in the execution, without invitation, it has to  be that tattoo in my retina."

Manuel Suárez . 2010 . Legal terms . Credits